What is a Barcelona Chair?

The Barcelona chair that is regarded as a contemporary classic and among the most tasteful seats of the 20th century was designed by Mie’s van der Rohe.

He designed the seat in the International Exposition at Barcelona in 1929. The seat was made to replicate a throne and created its first appearance during the inaugural service from the Spanish royal household in the exposition.

The seat exudes grandeur and course and in precisely the exact same time it's strong and light. The Barcelona chair is thought of by ordinary consensus to be the pinnacle of a harmonized approach to materials, design, and workmanship.

In 1950, the initial design was improved upon by Mie’s which led to a completely welded object where additional braces in the welding issues were removed. The one-piece framework made from stainless steel provided higher durability and spring.

Two attached pairs of stainless steel bars represent the frame of the seat; both the front and rear legs of the seat are curved, and the rear legs cross front legs to form a double bend that supports the chair. Foam-rubber cushions are coated with buttoned leather and put on the chair and the rear by way of saddle-leather straps.

The Barcelona chair is sold by different furniture shops; many of them have online catalogs, which a potential purchaser can navigate through.

Although there are numerous renditions of the Barcelona loveseat accessible on the current market, they are normally made from chromed stainless steel using the single-piece framework being hand-buffed until a mirror finish is accomplished.

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