Best Vacations are the ones which are Planned Together


Couple after reciting the vows of marriage embark on new journey of their lives. Honeymoon is the time when the newlyweds grow their understanding towards each other and their relationship. It indeed, is very heavenly thought for them. Whatever they do, they do it together, be it going on an adventure, finding something new to discover, relaxing under the tree or overlooking a spectacular mountain view. There is a long list of Honeymoon destinations from which couples can decide according to their choice. Few are as under;

  • A Romantic Safari- Couples who love animals and are fond of nature and its beauty can definitely head for a honeymoon safari. It also offers a diversity of landscapes and experiences, from luxurious lodges to sleeping under the stars.
  • An Island Destination- IslandHoneymoon Destinations are for the ones who love sand, bask in the sun, surf, and have lots of drinks with little umbrellas on top. Honeymoon destinations in Qld are perfect choice for honeymooners looking for a place where they can walk down the beach in bare feet and also choose from adventures like fishing, kayaking and diving.
  • The Urban honeymoon- Couples who love the hustle and bustle of city life, like arts and shopping, skyscrapers, this kind of honeymoon is definitely for them. Here couples explore sights, sound and lights of the city and enjoy the local delicious cuisines.

Honeymoon after all spending time together apart from any external influences of the family and friends.

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