Different Types Of CCTV Camera And Their Types


 Surveillance plays a enormous role in the current society, as well as cameras around us, our daily lifestyles are undergoing high degrees of security daily.

Dome camera

The dome camera is just one most widely employed for indoor surveillance and security. The form of the camera which makes it burdensome for onlookers to tell how the camera is currently facing, and it is a powerful object of design, deterring criminals by creating a feeling of doubt.


  • Simple installment

  • Vandal-proof attributes

  • Infrared capability

  • Bullet Camera

Bullet camera

Bullet cameras have been long and cylindrical in form, and therefore are best for outdoor usage. The cameras can readily be mounted using a mounting bracket, also come equipped using fixed or varifocal lenses based upon the requirements of its planned application.


  • Adaptability — may utilize inside and outside

  • compact size assists installation

  • High Excellent picture resolution

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Day/Night Camera

Capable of operating from both ordinary and densely populated surroundings, these cameras gain from not needing inbuilt infrared illumination since they may capture transparent audio graphics at night as a result of their own sensitive imaging chips.


  • Vast Array of sizes accessible

  • Infrared capability

PTZ Camera

PTZ — Pan/tilt/zoom — cameras permit the camera to be moved right or left up and down as well as let the lens to become flashed closer or further.


  • Pan and tilt turning

  • Smart monitoring features

  • Powerful autofocus and zoom

These are some types of cameras and their benefits.

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