I Swear By The Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning System

I’ve worked as a carpet cleaning technician in Rochester, New York for the last 6 decades and absolutely swear by the Dry Foam Extraction cleaning system. Experience has taught me that it’s far superior to the steam cleaning system. It’s a really effective low moisture and rapid drying carpet cleaning method. The Von Schrader Company in Racine, Wisconsin manufactures the equipment. They have been in business.

How does this function? does stanley steemer clean mattresses is available at Monica Tinse.

The portable machine generates an even coating of foam before the brush. The sterile foam emulsifies (divides) the dirt out of the carpet fibers. A soft brush lifts and pliers the heap all the way. The soil is extracted with a powerful vacuum in one move.

Some Benefits of the Dry Foam Extraction System:

The carpet is cleaned down to the .The complete bristle.

Any dirt that is embedded loosens. The carpeting is “deep Cleaned” along with the heap looks revived.

* is a simultaneous foam cleaning and vacuum in one step. There’s not any requirement for different machines.

* just a water mix is used by The low broker. This prevents the wetting of financing and the carpet.

You don’t have to fret about carpet damage like browning.

* Carpets dry because of reduced moisture retention.

* Dry Foam cleaning systems clean than warm water cleaning procedures.

The detergent leaves carpets and is safe. It’s a fragrance that is favorite.

The gear is quite gentle on carpets.

Some observations I’ve made concerning Steam Cleaning methods or Hot Water:

Steam cleaning methods apply * Excessive amounts of water. Rugs become soaked.

Water may harm some carpet fibers. It might also lead to shrinkage, color bleeding, and browning. Stain resist rugs are able to lose their immunity.

* The detergent used in water cleaning systems appears to leave.

* Carpets need more time.


Rugs have cleaned for many years. I’ve received countless compliments. It is loved by everyone. It is just the best!

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