8 Questions To Ask While Buying A Natural Stone For Home Designing!

People spend half their fortune in building or renovating house of their dreams. It is not just another choice to make. A lot of thought process, money, time and effort goes into it. Needless to say the decision regarding every element of choice is to be taken carefully. You have to decide on the builders, painters, interior decorators and many more. One of the most important aspects when we talk about interior designing is flooring and wall tiles. When it comes to interior designing, choosing the most appropriate type of floor is where one must focus upon. Natural stones are preferred over other things. Kitchen countertops, bathroom walls, exterior walls, interior and exterior floor require natural stones to be installed. Here are a couple of questions to ask while buying a natural stone for any purpose of home designing:

Look for PE rating of the tile

It is normally seen that tiles have different strength and characteristics. Strength of a tile is first thing to look at. If you are going for porcelain or ceramic tiles, look for its PE rating that determines magnitude of resistance a tile can bear. PEI I- has the lowest tile resistance and PEI V has the highest level of tile resistance.

Make a budget before making a choice of flooring

Your choice of natural stone whether travertine or blue stone pavers  will be limited by budget. Before going for tile shopping make sure to keep a certain budget in mind. Tiles out of budget are eliminated at this stage.

Select the right size of tiles

Tiles are never of the same size and type. Keeping what looks most appropriate choose the right size. If its a bathroom or very compact space, use small blocks or one full larger block to cover the whole compartment.

Availability of a particular type in the local market

Tiles are normally extracted and imported from countries like China, India, Italy and Saudi Arabia. Look for availability of a particular type. Bluestone tiles in Sydney are easily available.These can be best used for exterior floor laying.

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