Disney World’s Crowd Control

It is no secret that Disney World can get crowded. When thousands and thousands of people come and enjoy in the same place at the same time with as little inconvenience as possible is one of the most interesting reasons for Disney World’s success.

Disney’s exciting world

While it can be exciting on many stages to be in a place where so many others want to be, nobody likes long lines or shoulder-to-shoulder situations unless they’re at a concert. But there is no other business more masterful at managing crowds than the people who run the world greatest amusement park Disney World. This is one big reason why people keep coming back again and again. In the current high-tech age where people are used to having the world at their fingertips, with their smartphones and video games, research shows that people have less tolerance for having to wait for anything. To stay wanted in this ever-changing situation where people demand gratification, Disney world is working hard to deliver the world on a string.


Disney land is a perfect example of the perfect use of stanchions and signage to the fullest. Crowd control is done through high tech and low tech measures to control the dwindling patience of the people standing in lines.

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