What Are Swim Caps Made Up Of

Various materials are used to make swim caps. Each of these materials has a very smooth texture. For better speed you should wears a good quality cap. Below are a few materials that are commonly used for making swimming saps and other accessories: 

Courtesy: Waterfi

1. Lycra

It is a very smooth fabric that can stay on the head for long as it is stretchable. People with sensitive scalps are recommended to use this type of cap as it helps reducing hair fall. As it has smooth texture it is easier to wear and take off. The main benefits of using Lycra caps are that they help in protecting your hair from UV rays and keeping your hair away from your face.

2. Latex

Latex is one of the most popular materials for swim caps. It is considered an economical option. Similar to Lycra, latex is also stretchable due to which it can easily adjust according to the shape of your head. Some people are allergic to Latex so be careful if you are a new swimmer.

3. Rubber

Swim caps made from rubber have similar composition to Latex ones. But this material is thicker so these are more durable and difficult to tear. The main benefit of rubber swim caps is that they provide insulation which makes them the perfect choice for swimming in cold weather.

4. Silicone

These types of caps are thicker than others. They have a slick texture which makes them easier to wear and take off. These are considered more durable and area popular choice amongst professionals.

All of these caps are easily available on swimwear brands in Australia.

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