Reasons for using flat cables

In flat cables every conductor is parallel to each other which helps in forming a flat profile. These types of cables are being used since the last 60 years. Below are some of the reasons due to which industries and households have started using flat cables: 

Courtesy: jitmfg.

1. Reliability

The main reason a flat cable is becoming popular is that there are lesser chances of wire malfunctioning and errors. This is because these types of cables use parallel conductors.

2. Space Efficiency

Another reason is that there is no need for extra insulation, tapes and fillers which is the main reason of increasing physical volume of other cables. It is also easier to stack or layer flat cables in small spaces.

3. Flexibility

These cables are very flexible and can easily bend for example on the corner of a wall. Due to this quality they can easily be used where high or continuous flexing is required like rotating arms, drawers, doors etc. 

4. Greater Strength

These cables have high tensile strength as all insulations and conductors share the load. These types of cables can easily be used in all situations. If you need to work with a huge cable roll always get a compatible cable drum stand from suppliers.

5. User friendly

Flat cables are user friendly, you can easily fold them according to your needs. Moreover it can easily be fastened whether you use adhesives, double tapes or clamps. These are also easy to install and maintain.

You can easily use flat cables for your house hold purposes.


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