Souvenirs You Need To Bring Back From Sandakan

Courtesy: borneosandakan

After spending an amazing time in Sandakan, it is a great idea to get some souvenirs before one leaves. It can be kept as memory of the best time spent in Sandakan or can be given to friends and family as a gift. Below are a few souvenirs that one definitely needs to bring back from Sandakan.

1. Paintings

If you are interested in painting or are looking for a new art piece for your living room wall, you must get a painting in Sandakan. You can find different local artists depicting their unique culture through their paintings. They are available at different prices depending on where you shop from. It will be a good way to reminiscence about the Sandakan culture.

2. Music instruments

You may find several traditional musical instruments in Sabah, for instance Sompotons, Gong and Suling. You can learn how to play them yourself or give it to a friend who is interested in music. These music instruments will last you a long time and are also a great way to celebrate the rich Sandakan culture and music.

3. Seafood

Almost everyone loves seafood and you can get loads of it in Sandakan or the Sabah area. You can get frozen seafood or even dried or salted seafood if carrying frozen food items a long way home is inconvenient. As seafood is abundant in Sandakan you can find it at cheaper rates as well.

Therefore, it is important that you carry a souvenir or memory with you when you come back from your Sandakan tours 2018.

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