Charlo Has A Lot To Do To Earn A Shot In The Big Leagues

Golovkin’s trainer Abel Sanchez has a very short temper for individuals who have high regards of themselves that they can go challenge whoever is on top of the food chain. Jermall Charlo has a very bold proclamation about a mandatory fight to be a probable challenger on whoever wins the Canelo vs GGG fight that is going to happen on September 16 winning the WBC title.

Charlo had been to several interviews and he is confident in himself that he is ready to face the best there is in the middleweight class and he can take on whoever is the undisputed fighter. However, for Abel Sanchez, he is talking crazy that all that he says is absurd. Charlo should earn his way up and not just by calling anyone that he wants to challenge. Abel had been stating his opinion about Charlo’s statement in several interviews already.

Moreover, Abel stated that Golovkin is way out of Charlo’s league, way out of his league. Charlo is far from deserving for a ‘shot’ that’s what it is; not even a Hall of Fame by evaluation.

And as time passes, Golovkin had always been upfront in his stature right now and probable contenders are even hiding under their bed so as not to face Golovkin. Golovkin is a very hard puncher and a brawler as well and that is his biggest asset in the ring which most of his colleagues feared.

Not that Golovkin and his team sealed the deal on his most anticipated and biggest fight ever to face Canelo, nothing right now is going to stop them in defending their titles. Abel Sanchez is not all that bad in interviews and press conferences, every fighter should work hard and earn their way up to challenge the best and with that, it should be all action and dedication, not all words.

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