MayMac Fight: Ex-champ Kevin Kelley believes Conor needs to turn his punches

McGregor listens to advice from Kevin Kelley on how to throw his punches.

Kevin Kelley, former WBC featherweight champion, saw the sparring video between Conor McGregor and Paulie Malignaggi: The 29-year-old Conor McGregor kept throwing punches at the 36-year-old Malignaggi and knocked him to a canvas. But he noticed something that we might miss.

Kelly has a 60-10 career boxing record, noticed McGregor’s punch us like a “slap” but says he needs to turn them over instead. Kelley said that McGregor is not going to be an effective fighter against Mayweather by his slapping shots. He said that Floyd can see those coming.

Kelly loves Malignaggi but he thinks he’s not a good sparring partner for Conor, should have a younger sparring partner to prepare for Mayweather. He said that it would be better if Conor chose the one with 10-0, 12-0, 13-0, or guys turning pro because they are strong and hungry. He believes that Malignaggi didn’t present too much of a challenge as a sparring partner because Conor is only showing off during the sparring.

While a lot of people are calling this as a highly anticipated Mayweather vs McGregor bout, Kelly calls it an event. “There’s a difference between an event and a fight because you go to an event due to its magnitude,” he said. According to him, “you go to a fight to see who will come out victorious.”

Kelley predicts that Mayweather will defeat McGregor in a 12-round decision like most boxing fans. The reporter told Kelley that Mayweather said if the match comes to a decision, then it would be a victory for McGregor morally. He agreed with those sentiments.

He believed that Floyd is not a puncher and Conor picked the right opponent for him. He didn’t pick GGG. “He picked Mayweather because if he was in a boxing match with a puncher like GGG, the fight would be over.” He said.

Mayweather and McGregor will clash on Saturday, Aug. 26 at the Las Vegas T-Mobile Arena.

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