What Could Dash Camera Become In Future?

Do you see the future of car dash cam? Well, I can see that. In my point of view, car dash cam will contribute to both the correct assessments to better driver behavior and of traffic accidents. There are major benefits of installing a car dash cam into your car if you live in countries like Canada, US, China and Russia.

Insurance companies lowers down their premiums for the drivers who have car dash cam installed in their cars by the http://zenducam.com/. If you have a car dash cam in your car, it can significantly reduce claim processing time for insurer since claim adjudicators can find out the truth mush faster, because they will have the complete footage of that day with date and time, recorded by your car dash cam.

Insurance can also be more attractive for the consumers when they know their case will be assessed very precisely with the help of car dash cam, instead of using a predefined rules for handling cases as many insurers do these days.  An example could be a side collision of two cars on a road when it appears that both were on or over the center line and there is no way to prove it without a video recording.

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