Make Energy Efficient Homes with Metal Roof Insulation

Metal roofs are prone to condensation and thermal loss and so metal roof insulation is a must to prevent too much energy loss from the roofs.

Metals are great conductors of heat and when the temperature gradient between the outside environment and the home interiors is high the transfer of heat takes place.

Similarly, if the temperature drops suddenly the metal cools down fast and the water vapor that comes in contact with the cool metal condenses.

When insulation is added it controls or overcomes this problem and helps keep the home cool or warm.If you want to know ‘About Platte

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Fiberglass Batts

Fiberglass batts were the most commonly used insulation till a few years ago. The metal roof and the interiors are separated by a layer of fiberglass insulation.

These batts which come in rolls are placed side by side under the metal roof. This does not form a continuous layer and the gaps between the batts allow for the air to escape between them causing the heat transfer to take place.

The batts themselves are not airtight and allow a small amount of air flow through which is again another source of thermal loss from the building.

The batts need a vapor barrier in order to effective. Fiberglass batts need to be placed around 150 mm below the metal sheets. This prevents the condensation formed under the metal roof from entering the fiberglass batts and ruining them.

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