Senior Housing – Residential Care Options

When it is time to choose senior housing, the variety of choices and options for senior care can be confusing. The different types of senior housing fall into approximately three categories. They are independent living, assisted living, and nursing homes.You can know about the best oregon assisted living via

Nutrition: Is the senior able to prepare all meals independently, need help with one main meal, or need all meals provided along with some assistance at the table?

Bathing/Dressing: An independent senior will be able to perform all activities of bathing, shaving, and dressing without assistance. Others get by with just a reminder. Some require complete assistance in daily care.

Toileting: Are there issues with incontinence, or management of a colostomy or catheter? Some may have only occasional incontinence; others require assistance on a daily basis.

Housekeeping: Some need housekeeping only weekly while others need complete housekeeping services daily including laundry.

Medications: Is the senior independent in taking medications or are reminders needed? Licensed personnel are required to give medications and for more complex medical care such as intravenous medications or wound care.

Once you have an idea of which services are wanted or needed, it is easier to determine the best senior housing option.

Independent living

Active seniors, who are independent in their daily activities, often want a community setting that offers social and recreational activities along with a focus on services such as transportation to shopping, housekeeping, or laundry. Independent living is for the senior looking for security, services, social activities and a retirement lifestyle, but physical and medical needs are minimal.

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