Reasons Why Enterprises Should Choose Fingerprint Access Control Systems Over Card Based Access

The following are the main reasons why enterprises choose fingerprint access control systems over card based access.


In Finger access control Systems, the data is stored in terms of biometric components of signs or patterns. It is accurate as each fingerprint is unique in itself. The fingerprints are selected, memorized and converted into an template form for storage. While in card system, the bar codes are the only way to punch into the machine, which can be deleted, tapered or can be left unrecognized by the machine in not so genuine cases.

Easy to step-up

The fingerprinting software and device is easy set up as the installation of software is via the web. The software connects with the biometric fingerprint reader and starts the job unlike the card access control system, in which we need to add the identification data, as proposed by the association or the enterprise. You can check to get information about fingerprint ink.

Advanced technology support

The fingerprint scanner supports various languages and Windows server integration for better tracking, while the card access system does not allow these facilities.

Eliminates duplicity

The fingerprinting device is very sensitive to touch and recognizes the pattern in milliseconds. These are basically live detectors which help in easy, safe and accurate analysis of the ID of the workers. But, the card reader only checks or reads the bar code, which may be created or fabricated.

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