The Most Important Male Characteristics

A man who wants to be desired by the opposite gender, needs to have specific characteristics, otherwise the majority of women won't respond positively to him. This doesn't mean that they will react negatively towards him, but they will just be neutral, or if you prefer the other saying – indifferent towards him. A man who lacks these certain characteristics will only be attractive to some women.

If you are happy with who you are, there is no need to change. But if you aren't satisfied with your current circumstances because no woman actually pays any attention to you, there are some things you need to change about yourself. Or to be precisely, you have to adopt some alpha male characteristics.

Probably the most important trait he needs to develop is self-assurance. Without it, hardly any woman will pay attention to him. Not even that, but without this trait, he will lack the courage to meet women. That's why he should assert some energy into developing this first.

When he has this trait down, he should move on to the next one – dominance. This really complements self-assurance. Not only do women react positively to it, they will also be drawn to a man with this kind characteristic. Now, don't confuse this trait with aggressiveness. A dominant man is never aggressive, he is just someone whom people naturally assume is always in charge and that's why they tend to listen to him.

Of course, there are many more traits, so many in fact that we can't name them all here. Nevertheless, let's name one more component every man needs to internalize, if he truly wants to have more women in his life. This isn't even a trait per se, but an attitude – the care free attitude.

If you have a care free attitude, it means that you don't really pay that much attention to what others think of you. This is a very positive thing to have because women love men who don't take things too seriously. That's why you should develop and then display this attitude always when you are near women. Hey, often even when you aren't.

If you noticed, these are all things that make a man naturally attractive. This means when a man has them, he will display characteristics of an alpha, without trying to pretend to be someone else. For this reason, if you truly want to be seen as an awesome, charming dude, you need to work on these things.

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