Language and Communication in Thailand

Thailand boasts a modern communications infrastructure. The mailing service is well-organized just like the  telephone network, and the country is one of the leading users  of cell phones and the Internet in Asia . Many businesses, government departments, media organizations, and academic institutes have efficient Web sites in both Thai and English. Internet cafes are becoming common, and most hotels and businesses have fax services.


Thailand has two English-language daily newspapers, the Bangkok Post and The Nation, and a few regional towns now boast English- language papers. There are numerous TV channels; both state and private, broadcasting in Thai, but you can get an English soundtrack to some programs by tuning in to certain radio stations. English-language TV programs are also beamed in by satellite and most hotels have facilities for receiving them.You can visit to know about best phuket tours.

English in Thailand

A few decades ago, although English was taught in schools, most Thais had few chances to rehearse  their spoken skills unless they went to study abroad. They learned to write it and read it, but not to speak it. English received a further boost as Thailand became a popular tourist destination and a regional center for business and international organizations. Another important factor is the increasing number of foreign residents.

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