The Cultural Football Stadium of Daegu

Most people only know the republic of SouthKorea as a producer of Korean pop culture. But sports fan all over the world know Korea as a champion of football. They are one of the best football players especially in the region of Asia. And just like many of football champion, they have a stunning world scene in their home. They own some of the most beautiful football stadiums in their homeland. In this occasion we will tell you about this Daegu football stadium. Take a seat and join us in our brief sightseeing of Korean football stadium. for the best of Korea has to offer.

The Blue Arc

The Daegu world cup football stadium is also called often as the Blue Arc. The main reason for that is because it has a great arch overriding the stadium. The blue arch design was constructed by an architect named Kang Cheol Hee. The finish product of the stadium was reached early in two thousand and one just before the 2002 FIFA world cup. As an international stadium, the place can hold more than sixty thousand people in its seats. In addition, it also has a really wide parking space that can hold more than three thousand cars in the parking place.

Variety of events was here

The Daegu world cup stadium was an important part in the 2002 world cup that was held in Korea. The blue arc stadium held four different football matches in that year, including the third place match between South Korea and Turkey. Sadly, South Korea was lost by just one point. Sadly the venue was not included in the 2007 world cup for some reasons. But it still has so many functions in the Korean sports scene. For instance, it hosts an annual marathon run in this very stadium. Plenty of local musical performance was also hosted in this amazing venue. Further information available here.

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